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YouTube with VR movies

The YouTube portal is growing. He recently provided support for spherical films, recorded with cameras recording 360 degrees, and has now taken another step towards modernity. The portal also allows you to publish VR movies that you can watch on special devices.

VR technology slowly enters our homes, and it helps in this YouTube portal, which has just made it possible for you to publish material in this format. For the time being is there only?List = PLU8wpH_LfhmtKoee0Uv90nmscm5iezRoW 13 videos, but now everyone has the ability to throw them, so their number will soon increase.

You will need the right equipment to view such materials. The cheapest solution is a smartphone and a $ 1 cardboard Google Cardboard enclosure that you can insert and which we can -cardboard / buy on Google. You can also use Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rifta if you have a real estate developer.

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