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The Pentagon is building cyberbrothers against ISIS

The fight against the Islamic State for ever-increasing terrorist attacks in Europe is taking place on many fronts. In addition to the real world and soldiers attacking the jihadist base, it also takes place in cyberspace, where hackers disrupt communication and block accounts in social media. The Pentagon will soon join the fight.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, cybercomm director of cyberspace Pentagon, has announced the creation of malware and digital weapons that will be used in the fight against ISIS. The Pentagon a few months ago gave the Cyber ​​Command permission to carry out cyber attacks aimed at an Islamic state, but soon they will take on the intensity.

However, Cybercom did not yet have the tools to do the task, so he created a joint task force called Ares, which will deal with its jihadist jihadist mission. A team of trained specialists will attack financial systems for the transfer of money used for terrorist activities and communication systems.

The team will also reduce civilian casualties while performing ISIS tasks. Instead of bombing the terrorist hideout, communications will be cut off, which will make it more difficult for terrorists to act. Of course there will be offensive activities, but it is not Joint Task Force Ares to commission them.

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