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The new generation of Bluetooth will greatly increase the reach

In our homes year by year, the number of devices using Bluetooth technology increases. And they are no longer just wireless speakers, but many other devices such as lamps, coffee makers, etc. Therefore, a more sophisticated communications system is needed, so the Bluetooth Special Interest Group announces a completely new generation of this technology with a much wider range.

The growing number of devices using Bluetooth wireless technology is forcing them to continually improve and, above all, increasing the reach so that the user does not have to constantly stay close to the equipment they are using. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has just outlined a timetable for this technology for next year, which shows that we can soon expect a new generation of its called Bluetooth Smart, which will be significantly larger than it is today.

The currently used Bluetooth LE standard offers a maximum range of about 100 meters. In the case of the new generation, however, it will be at least four times larger. In this way, Bluetooth Smart will provide coverage to the entire home or small office, without having to install additional relays or signal amplifiers.

Of course, if a 400 meter range is not enough, Bluetooth Smart will build a network that will significantly expand it. Then each device will not only be able to connect to the central hub, but also provide a relay that transmits signals from other home appliances and thus extends the reach of the network.

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