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The gap in the Star Wars BB toy

Appearing on Star Wars movie screens: The Awakening of Power has made a lot of gadgets for this popular brand at the same time. One of them is a toy referring to the new BB-8 droid, which now turns out to have a loophole that allows hackers to break into his software.

Star Wars BB-8 is currently one of the most popular Star Wars universe games produced by Sphero. It is a small, fully functional robot with an application for smartphones iOS and Android, which allows to control its movements.

Researchers at Pen Test Partners, however, have discovered that there is a vulnerability in Star Wars BB-8 software that breaks into its sensor. Fortunately, this is a toy, so even if a hacker gets into his system, it would only be a waste of time, since in principle all he can do is to change the sounds he makes. The case would be more dangerous if the camera had a camera, but fortunately the manufacturer did not install it.

The toy is frequently updated, so the researchers have already reported the matter to the manufacturer, and a patch shortly there will be a patch that will fill the gap.

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