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Tesla x parked in the owner’s house

Owner Tesla Model X sued the American concern Tesla Motors, accusing him of destroying his home. Ji Chang Son claims that the car parked in the garage automatically accelerated and drove into the living room.

It seems that last year’s Tesla Motors troubles caused by the malfunction of Autopilot mode did not stop at all. One of the owners of Model X accused the manufacturer of being a vehicle that destroyed his home, piercing the garage wall and stopping in the living room.

Ji Chang Son in September last year, as every day returned his Tesla X from work. Slowly he rode onto the driveway without expecting any problems. But when the garage door opened, the auto suddenly accelerated. The owner claims that the vehicle spontaneously turned on full power and broke through the garage wall, entering the living room.

Son sued Tesla Motors before a California court and wants to obtain a class action lawsuit because his case is not the only one. The National Road Traffic Safety Administration has documented more cases of sudden acceleration of its electric vehicles.

Tesla defends himself from the accusations by claiming in the statement that the accident was caused by the fault of the owner, who hit the accelerator pedal to the floor. This may have happened to the classic confusion of gas pedal, which in the United States happens very often, but Tesla is supposed to protect against such situations.

The dispute will therefore have to settle the court.

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