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Surface Pro 2 great sales hit

No one is able to explain exactly what consumers are looking for when buying consumer electronics, and why one device is not interested and the other sells on the trunk.

We all remember the recent problems of Microsoft getting rid of the surplus tablet magazines. The American corporation confessed that losses due to lack of interest in the device amount to more than $ 900 million. However, it was enough to launch the second generation tablet and immediately became a sales hit.

The US corporation boasted that the Surface Pro 2 with 128 GB of memory turned out to be so popular that all the pre-sale copies were purchased. So sudden return is surprising, especially since the equipment announced just a few weeks ago has not changed much.

At least in terms of design, because there were some changes to the casing, there was a better processor (graphics performance increased by 50 percent, CPU performance by 20 percent), and a larger battery life (75 percent), which many users complained about. And apparently enough, the equipment suddenly became interesting.

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