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Spectacles for athletes

American VSP eyewear manufacturer unveiled a new version of the Genesis Project. These are innovative sunglasses called Level, equipped with a monitor for physical activity. The product has the same functions as the Fitbit but has a slightly different package.

Sports fans who want to track their progress have a variety of devices that can measure their physical activity. Obviously, the wristbands worn, measured, number of steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, etc. are the most popular.

Not everyone, however, wants to fuse with such a band and would prefer something more discreet. VSP intends to meet this need with a new generation of product called Project Genesis. The USA’s largest eyewear maker, a model of the time, has created a model, which is simultaneously a physical activity monitor, equipped with sensors built into the frame. Now their new version is called Level.

VSP, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Northern California, has just launched a four-month pilot test of a new product that will involve several hundred volunteers.

Level has the same sensors as its predecessor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, which measures the number of steps, the number of calories burned and the time of activity. However, the design of the glasses themselves is much more modern and stylish. It was designed completely from scratch, reducing the components, which helped to reduce the weight of the device.

There is also a Bluetooth module for easy communication with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms. This gives users not only convenient access to the collected data, but can also use the location of the eyepieces in the same way as the phone finds.

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The built-in battery lasts three working days and recharges 30 minutes. Of course the glasses are waterproof and will be available in three styles, both in ladies’ and men’s versions.

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