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Scientists have managed to stop the light

In the vacuum the light moves at a speed of 300 thousand. However, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have not only succeeded in slowing down but also stopping. They hope that their achievement will allow in the future to create a more secure form of communication that can not be overheard.

Light is a very useful tool for quantum communication, but has one major disadvantage: it achieves high velocity and can not be maintained in place. At least so far, so far, because scientists from the Vienna University of Technology have managed to stop them.

They made use of lasers and specially prepared optical fiber in which cesium atoms were implanted. Thanks to this solution they slowed down the light to a more reasonable speed of 180 km / h. They even managed to stop them completely and then let go again. The technology developed by them is an important prerequisite for the development of a quantum fiber-optic Internet, which will allow rapid data transfer over long distances.

Professor Arno Rauschenbeute, who oversees the research, believes that the new method in the future will allow for a safer communication system than ever before, allowing direct linkage between the sender and the receiver to prevent interception and eavesdropping.

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