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Scientists have created a working astringent beam

Scientists have for years been striving to create the technology we often see in sci-fi films, and it is the astigmatism that allows them to move objects at a distance. Efforts are beginning to yield results, as engineers at Australian National University have been able to create a technology that seems to work very well.

Just a few years ago the astringent beam was an idea whose realization could not even be dreamed of. Today we are getting closer and closer to creating a technology that can actually function, and the closest one seems to be the engineers from the Australian National University.

ANU specialists have succeeded in creating a laser beam that pushed a 0.2 mm diameter particle into a distance of as much as 20 cm. This is a tremendous achievement compared to previous tests, where little microscopic particles could be moved.

Scientists have been able to move the gold-plated glass sphere, which they placed in the center of the radius, thus creating a hot spot on the surface that propelled the sphere through air movements. The location of the point could have been altered by regulating the polarization, so that the scientists gained complete control of the sphere movement.

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