Scientists have managed to stop the light

In the vacuum the light moves at a speed of 300 thousand. However, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have not only succeeded in slowing down but also stopping. They hope that their achievement will allow in the future to create a more secure form of communication that can not be overheard.

Light is a very useful tool for quantum communication, but has one major disadvantage: it achieves high velocity and can not be maintained in place. At least so far, so far, because scientists from the Vienna University of Technology have managed to stop them.

They made use of lasers and specially prepared optical fiber in which cesium atoms were implanted. Thanks to this solution they slowed down the light to a more reasonable speed of 180 km / h. They even managed to stop them completely and then let go again. The technology developed by them is an important prerequisite for the development of a quantum fiber-optic Internet, which will allow rapid data transfer over long distances.

Professor Arno Rauschenbeute, who oversees the research, believes that the new method in the future will allow for a safer communication system than ever before, allowing direct linkage between the sender and the receiver to prevent interception and eavesdropping.…

Surface Pro 2 great sales hit

No one is able to explain exactly what consumers are looking for when buying consumer electronics, and why one device is not interested and the other sells on the trunk.

We all remember the recent problems of Microsoft getting rid of the surplus tablet magazines. The American corporation confessed that losses due to lack of interest in the device amount to more than $ 900 million. However, it was enough to launch the second generation tablet and immediately became a sales hit.

The US corporation boasted that the Surface Pro 2 with 128 GB of memory turned out to be so popular that all the pre-sale copies were purchased. So sudden return is surprising, especially since the equipment announced just a few weeks ago has not changed much.

At least in terms of design, because there were some changes to the casing, there was a better processor (graphics performance increased by 50 percent, CPU performance by 20 percent), and a larger battery life (75 percent), which many users complained about. And apparently enough, the equipment suddenly became interesting.…

HMS Queen elizabeth. The state-of-the-art aircraft carrier has reached the royal navy

A few days ago the process of handing over to the British navy the first new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier began. Although preparations for combat readiness will begin only next year, the training of future crews has started on board. This is a great opportunity to take a look at the floating British pride – these are the most important British ships in the fleet for years.

There will be two aircraft carriers in the Queen Elizabeth class. These are respectively HMS “Queen Elizabeth” whose reception process has already begun and HMS “Prince of Wale”, which has not yet been launched and its reception is scheduled for 2019-2020. Both these ships will form the might of the British fleet over the next several decades. They will fill a gap in the fleet of British aircraft carriers, which since August last flight has no fleet in this fleet of one ship in this category.

Construction of the first aircraft carrier of this class began with the keel position in 2009. Subsequent work was carried out by the British shipyards so well that already in the summer of 2014 the first copy was launched and the final assembly was started. Today, the stage of construction will begin training its future staff and start the reception process, which will last until the completion of work next year. What is important, the British have ensured that their national companies play a key role in the process of establishing this ship. The main contractor is BAE Systems, which is responsible not only for the creation of their best aircraft carrier, but also for active involvement in the design and manufacture of F-35 aircraft to operate from its decks. Most onboard systems and armaments are also ordered in UK companies. UK authorities are ensuring that every possible pound of over £ 6 billion worth of orders is returned to domestic businesses.

The time of the appearance of “Queen Elizabeth” and “Prince of Wales” is not accidental. It is perfect in time with the delivery of new, state-of-the-art F-35 multirole aircrafts. The British ordered 48 of these “B” models, designed for short take off and fully vertical landing. In the ordering portfolios of the islanders there is an option to order another 90 of this type, so the crew of both ships will not be able to complain about the lack of work associated with operating the aircraft operating from them.

The Queen Elizabeth class ships have a displacement of 65,000 tons. For this design, this translates into space for up to 40 planes and …

The Pentagon is building cyberbrothers against ISIS

The fight against the Islamic State for ever-increasing terrorist attacks in Europe is taking place on many fronts. In addition to the real world and soldiers attacking the jihadist base, it also takes place in cyberspace, where hackers disrupt communication and block accounts in social media. The Pentagon will soon join the fight.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, cybercomm director of cyberspace Pentagon, has announced the creation of malware and digital weapons that will be used in the fight against ISIS. The Pentagon a few months ago gave the Cyber ​​Command permission to carry out cyber attacks aimed at an Islamic state, but soon they will take on the intensity.

However, Cybercom did not yet have the tools to do the task, so he created a joint task force called Ares, which will deal with its jihadist jihadist mission. A team of trained specialists will attack financial systems for the transfer of money used for terrorist activities and communication systems.

The team will also reduce civilian casualties while performing ISIS tasks. Instead of bombing the terrorist hideout, communications will be cut off, which will make it more difficult for terrorists to act. Of course there will be offensive activities, but it is not Joint Task Force Ares to commission them.…

Radeon R9 290X test, price, reviews

The AMD Radeon R9 290X graphics card waited with high expectations. The strongest Volcanic Islands layout is the only (so far) new design based on the Hawaii Core (XT). Does the chip provide the highest performance in high resolutions? Did you pass the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780? You will find out from our extensive test on

The Radeon R9 290X, with 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and a 1000 MHz clock core, is unquestionably the single most powerful graphics chip that AMD has to offer. Compared to the weaker Radeon R9 280X, which is the successor to the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition, the number of shaders (up to 2816), texture units (up to 176) and ROP units (up to 64) has increased, and 512-bit memory interface has been added. How does the specification translate into performance?

The AMD Radeon R9 290X is a good value for money ratio. The most common is between GeForce GTX 780 and Titan, although it is the cheapest of all three. The latest games are almost flawless – not only in Full HD, but also at 2560 x 1440 and – at the expense of image detail in the most demanding titles like Crysis 3 – 3840 x 2160. The card seems to be a good choice for demanding computer game enthusiasts, especially since comparable competition from Nvidia is more expensive, although reshuffles may occur in November (likely GTX 780 and Titana).

The Radeon R9 290X also has a couple of trumps, including two modes (Quiet Mode and Uber Mode), which allow users to customize the card to suit their needs (the first offers quieter performance but lower performance and the second extracts full power from the card). And AMD TrueAudio (better sound quality) and AMD Mantle (higher visual experience and performance). Unfortunately, these modern solutions we are not able to verify yet – with the first we will see in games announced for 2014 (eg. Lichdom) and the other we will check in December of this year in Battlefield 4.…

Scientists have created a working astringent beam

Scientists have for years been striving to create the technology we often see in sci-fi films, and it is the astigmatism that allows them to move objects at a distance. Efforts are beginning to yield results, as engineers at Australian National University have been able to create a technology that seems to work very well.

Just a few years ago the astringent beam was an idea whose realization could not even be dreamed of. Today we are getting closer and closer to creating a technology that can actually function, and the closest one seems to be the engineers from the Australian National University.

ANU specialists have succeeded in creating a laser beam that pushed a 0.2 mm diameter particle into a distance of as much as 20 cm. This is a tremendous achievement compared to previous tests, where little microscopic particles could be moved.

Scientists have been able to move the gold-plated glass sphere, which they placed in the center of the radius, thus creating a hot spot on the surface that propelled the sphere through air movements. The location of the point could have been altered by regulating the polarization, so that the scientists gained complete control of the sphere movement.…

More movies in 4K quality. All thanks to the porn industry?

4K (UltraHD) TVs have been on the market for a long time now. Several of them, including the Samsung UE65F9000SL, have already been tested. And our impressions have always been unequivocal – 4K resolution is very impressive, provided we have access to recorded material of such quality. However, the availability of materials in ultra high resolution for a long time was a big problem.

Now, with one of the biggest American filmmakers, it’s going to change, and 4K movies, at least in a certain genre, can become a standard.

The producer in question is Naughty America – one of the leading porn film studios. The head of the company, Andreas Hronopoulos, announced the change of adult video recording format from FullHD to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 px at the CES 2014 Las Vegas show, which will display an image of four times as many pixels as before. From now on all new films produced by Naughty America will be made in such a resolution. As Hronopoulos said, the decision to switch to 4K technology was due to the fact that Naughty America customers “expect materials as close to reality as possible.”

Pleasure – nomen omen – watching adult movies at UltraHD resolution will not be cheap though. The three-hour trial period at Naughty America, including streaming and the ability to download to 4K discs, costs $ 1.95. Monthly access is $ 25, and if we want to watch UltraHD movies all year long and we prefer to pay in advance, we need to prepare for $ 95. Label customers have the option of choosing one of several payment options – Naughty America accepts gift cards including Starbucks or Best Buy, checks, credit card payments, or – another technological innovation introduced by the manufacturer – bitcoins.…

The gap in the Star Wars BB toy

Appearing on Star Wars movie screens: The Awakening of Power has made a lot of gadgets for this popular brand at the same time. One of them is a toy referring to the new BB-8 droid, which now turns out to have a loophole that allows hackers to break into his software.

Star Wars BB-8 is currently one of the most popular Star Wars universe games produced by Sphero. It is a small, fully functional robot with an application for smartphones iOS and Android, which allows to control its movements.

Researchers at Pen Test Partners, however, have discovered that there is a vulnerability in Star Wars BB-8 software that breaks into its sensor. Fortunately, this is a toy, so even if a hacker gets into his system, it would only be a waste of time, since in principle all he can do is to change the sounds he makes. The case would be more dangerous if the camera had a camera, but fortunately the manufacturer did not install it.

The toy is frequently updated, so the researchers have already reported the matter to the manufacturer, and a patch shortly there will be a patch that will fill the gap.…

Spectacles for athletes

American VSP eyewear manufacturer unveiled a new version of the Genesis Project. These are innovative sunglasses called Level, equipped with a monitor for physical activity. The product has the same functions as the Fitbit but has a slightly different package.

Sports fans who want to track their progress have a variety of devices that can measure their physical activity. Obviously, the wristbands worn, measured, number of steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, etc. are the most popular.

Not everyone, however, wants to fuse with such a band and would prefer something more discreet. VSP intends to meet this need with a new generation of product called Project Genesis. The USA’s largest eyewear maker, a model of the time, has created a model, which is simultaneously a physical activity monitor, equipped with sensors built into the frame. Now their new version is called Level.

VSP, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Northern California, has just launched a four-month pilot test of a new product that will involve several hundred volunteers.

Level has the same sensors as its predecessor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, which measures the number of steps, the number of calories burned and the time of activity. However, the design of the glasses themselves is much more modern and stylish. It was designed completely from scratch, reducing the components, which helped to reduce the weight of the device.

There is also a Bluetooth module for easy communication with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms. This gives users not only convenient access to the collected data, but can also use the location of the eyepieces in the same way as the phone finds.

The built-in battery lasts three working days and recharges 30 minutes. Of course the glasses are waterproof and will be available in three styles, both in ladies’ and men’s versions.…

Huawei Nexus with 128 GB of memory

Google plans to introduce two variants of Nexus. One is LG, the other is Huawei. This is the product of the Chinese company will probably be the first Nexus from the whole family, which can have 128 GB of usable memory.

Year after year, the size of mobile applications grows, and the ever-faster internet available on phones encourages users to download more data. It should be put somewhere, so manufacturers are installing on their equipment, especially models without microSD card readers, more and more usable memory.

More flash memory will also have the new Huawei Nexus. Internet sources report that the device will be available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions, and will become the first Nexus family to have such a large amount of usable memory. Still, it is not known whether it will be the entire memory available to the user or whether the device will additionally have a microSD card reader.…