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Huawei Nexus with 128 GB of memory

Google plans to introduce two variants of Nexus. One is LG, the other is Huawei. This is the product of the Chinese company will probably be the first Nexus from the whole family, which can have 128 GB of usable memory.

Year after year, the size of mobile applications grows, and the ever-faster internet available on phones encourages users to download more data. It should be put somewhere, so manufacturers are installing on their equipment, especially models without microSD card readers, more and more usable memory.

More flash memory will also have the new Huawei Nexus. Internet sources report that the device will be available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions, and will become the first Nexus family to have such a large amount of usable memory. Still, it is not known whether it will be the entire memory available to the user or whether the device will additionally have a microSD card reader.

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