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Controls in the role of observatory drones?

Engineers are constantly working on more efficient observation drones that could stay in the air indefinitely, providing data from a particular area. However, in this role, the dirigible can do much better.

Currently, the airships are mainly used in advertising, but may soon begin to function as surveillance devices. Basically, this is not such a distant future, because there is this type of equipment called the Sky Sentinel UAV.

This is a relatively small blimp that is able to stay in the air for 18 hours, rising to a maximum of 3 kilometers. This may not be a particularly impressive result, but it must be emphasized that the airship is much cheaper to use than a specialized dron.

That does not mean it’s worse. On the contrary, it will be equipped with large loading modules on which sensors and energy will be placed. Its additional advantage is the negligible noise, so it is ideally suited for example for forest monitoring and fire detection because it will not scare the animals.

Sky Sentinel UAV will soon be available for general use.

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